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Your car key has been stolen or the chassis is damaged due to wear? Or are you afraid of losing your car key? The need for car key services might arise if your car (or even motorcycle) keys are damaged or you want to have a spare. We can help you by providing you with a huge catalog of car keys and remote controls ready for duplication, and on our website you will find dozens of guides for repairing or duplicating car keys.

Duplication of car keys

Almost any car key can be duplicated by a specialist. However, depending on the  car type and year of manufacture , the keys could have a high cost, and could be difficult to find, the KEYFORLESS.COM team can help you by providing you with an extensive catalog at unbeatable prices, being able to count on direct collaboration with the production factories.

Electronics has also found its way into this segment. To guarantee the safety of the car, the technique, which is part of the anti-theft device, is becoming more advanced every day. The car or motorcycle key sends a signal to the vehicle. Inside the vehicle there is a sensor that reacts and gives permission to drive off. This is different than a car remote control.

It's only broken casing of the car key? Or worn out? The key electronics usually still work. No problem! on our site you will find a large catalog of cases and covers for all car keys.


OEvery remote control is 'tuned' to a specific frequency through which it sends signals (different depending on the action you want to take, opening, closing or opening the luggage compartment) which the control unit reads and decodes, transforming them into real actions (without any science fiction the doors will open).

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